About ABot

ABot is a test automation tool for 4G/5G telecom networks that follow specification and standards as specified by the 3GPP consortium. It emulates telecom interfaces and nodes for wrap-around testing of a 4G/5G network function. It has a plethora of canned test cases which validates end-to-end 4G/5G call flows as per latest standards of 3GPP. ABot simulates both data plane and control plane at carrier-grade scale for performance benchmarking of network functions. Thus it checks protocol compliance and stress test a 4G/5G node prior to deployment in a production network. ABot being a cloud-native test tool, seamlessly integrates with any cloud orchestrator like Juju, Cloudify, MANO, etc. and thus helps in validating the virtual, distributed and sliced 5G network. End-to-end simulation of 5G Non-standalone and Standalone use cases accelerates system-integration testing and interoperability testing of 5G (V)NFs. ABot’s capability to integrate with any CI/CD pipeline aids in unit testing and in determining product maturity precisely. This feature-rich test tool also includes an Analytics Box which provides data insights using AI-driven and interactive mechanisms and helps in troubleshooting by Root Cause Analysis.