ABot Offerings

ABot has its usability in a number of ways. It is a robust network test tool and validates network functions, interfaces and protocols along with end-to-end wireless networking use cases. It is an AI-driven test analytics solution and helps in identifying relevant KPIs and data insights from a test framework. It can be deployed as a test tool in a live network and helps in root cause analysis and troubleshooting. It also helps in identifying the real alarm or event in the middle of hundreds of superfluous alarms which might be generated during network communication.

The challenges of delivering optimum QoS with reduced packet loss, latency and jitter and at minimum OPEX and CAPEX.

  1. Getting the network infrastructure tested for compliance and performance.
  2. Get the mobility KPIs and system-level KPIs for identifying the faulty system and network function and for choosing the optimal deployment
  3. Identify the root cause of the packet loss or jitter on a real-time basis
  4. Picking up and taking action on the real alarm instead of spending time in analysing 100s of superfluous alarm