The initial condition of the scenario is: NGAP Setup done between gNodeB/AMF.  The UE Completed an Initial Registration procedure and PDU session procedure.

Now, UE triggers PDU session termination procedure.

The procedures completed in this test case are-

  • NG Setup
  • PFCP Session Association between SMF and UPF
  • Initial Registration with successfully 5G-AKA authentication procedure
  • PDU Session Establishment
  • PFCP Session Establishment between SMF and UPF
  • PFCP Session Modification between SMF and UPF
  • UE initiated PDU Session Termination
  • PFCP Session Deletion between SMF and UPF


This test case is as per 3GPP Spec: This test case is as per 3GPP Spec: TS 23501, TS 23502, TS 38413, TS 24501, TS 29244 Version: 15.7

 Protocol Used  Nodes Involved  Interfaces Involved
NGAP, HTTP2, PFCP  UDM, AUSF, NSSF, PCF, UPF, SMF, AMF, gNodeB  N1-N2, N12, N13, N8, N22, NN15, N11, N10, N4