ABot as a Network Test Tool

ABot can simulate any 4G network function including the gateways and charging nodes along with a complete IMS server function for supporting SIP-based services like VoLTE. It also simulates gNB, AMF, AUSF, UDM, SMF, NSSF, UPF, NEF, NRF, PCF, and AFProtocol adapters.

Value Proposition

  • Emulation of any 4G/5G network components for validation of a (V)NF as per 3GPP Spec
  • Supports Interop, Performance Benchmark and Integration Testing
  • Reusable test templates in natural language for easy user acceptance and faster deployment
  • Test cases are based on end-to-end 4G/5G call flows
  • Completely cloud-native and works with any network Orchestrator
  • Ability to harness any third party test tools and manage them

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