Know more on ABot

ABot is a test tool for interoperability testing, unit testing, development testing and system integration testing. The test cases in ABot implements call flows and end-to-end use cases as per the latest 3GPP specification. Thus each test case validates a 4G or 5G use case and certifies a combination of real telecom nodes. ABot is capable of simulating any 4G or 5G telecom function in whole or partial. Hence ABot is capable of testing even a partial implementation of a telecom node or interface.

Apart from functional testing, ABot is capable of testing the robustness of a telecom node and its stress-bearing capacity by simulating Gbps level traffic with millions of simulated devices.

ABot has the capability of generating useful test analytics. Conclusive inferences are drawn for each executed test cases based on several dimensions like call flows of executed test scenarios, network functions/nodes involved, system-level KPI of the associated infrastructure, log messages from the various SUT nodes.

ABot is cloud platform agnostic and is containerized to meet a dynamic VNF validation requirement. It can be deployed as microservices on a hypervisor and integrated with the CI/CD pipeline.