Architectural Details

ABot consists of three main layers. The deepest layer consists of all 3GPP defined 4G and 5G protocol stacks. The middle layer is the Service Layer comprises of different engines (Execution Engine, Reporting Engine and Analytics Engine) and databases (Test Case Database and Artefacts Database) and the Configuration File. The topmost layer comprising of the REST API and the web-based GUI is essential for running the software.

ABot’s canned test cases form the BDD Layer and are kept in a Mongo DB, from where it is called using REST API, through a web-based GUI or a CI/CD pipeline. The artifacts of the executed test cases are stored in another Mongo DB database. The Execution Engine and the Reporting Engine are also invoked using REST API and their output are displayed by ABot’s GUI or a CI/CD pipeline. Going deeper the execution engine communicates to a Network Layer (managing and controlling the network configuration) and this Network Layer invokes the testbed based on t

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