In this test case, ABot can simulate the gNodeB and UE and any other NFs of the 5G like AMF, AUSF, UDM, UDR, UPF, SMF, NSSF, PCF.

The prerequisites for this scenario are:

  1. NGAP Setup is done between gNodeB/AMF and
  2. UE Completed an Initial Registration procedure

UE requests a PDU session and connects to a DNN successfully. UE is in a connected state. Now, Bidirectional data is moved over the connected DNN, through 5GC.

This test case is as per 3GPP Spec: TS 23501, TS 23502, TS 38413, TS 24501, TS 29244

 Protocol Used  Nodes Involved  Interfaces Involved
NGAP, HTTPv2,PFCP  ‘UDM’, ‘AUSF’, ‘NSSF’, ‘PCF’, ‘UPF’, ‘SMF’, ‘AMF’, ‘gNodeB’  N1-N2, N12, N13, N8, N22, NN15, N11, N10, N4, N3