5G Test Coverage

ABot has a plethora of 5G canned test coverage and test cases or feature files for testing functionality of all interfaces and protocols of 5G End to End network. The test cases carry out conformance to 3GPP specifications Rel 15 both for NSA and SA mode.

ABot is capable of validating 5G Non-Standalone scenarios and an EPC’s capability of supporting dual connectivity. ABot simulates a group of eNodeBs and gNodeBs splits data packets as per the guidelines laid down by different options of 5G NSA and in accordance to 3GPP Release 15. ABot supports NSA Option -3, NSA Option -3a, NSA Option -3x.

For validating the components of a 5G telecom network ABot has the capability of simulating relevant 5G protocols like NGAP, PFCP and HTTPv2. It spins off the 5G network in the user’s laptop or CI/CD pipeline. Nodes like gNB, AMF, AUSF, UDM, SMF, NSSF, UPF, NEF, NRF, PCF, and AF are simulated for a wrap-around testing of 5G service-based architecture. Scalability to match 5G standards are met by rapidly extensible protocol adapters. Network Slicing readiness of a 5G VNF is validated under a heavily loaded condition.

ABot does support and simulate interfaces like N1/N2, N3, N4, N6 and service-based interfaces like Namf, Nausf, Nsmf, Nnssf, Nnef, Nnrf, Nudm, Npcf, Nudm, Naf.