4G Test Coverage

ABot has a huge 4G test coverage and comes with pre-packaged test cases or feature files for testing functionality of all interfaces and protocols of LTE network. The test cases carry out conformance to 3GPP specifications Rel 13.

4G LTE being a unified IP network for both data and voice, ABot helps you in testing any 4G protocol and interfaces over the TCP/IP layer. The 4G test cases in ABot simulates the missing nodes in a 4G network for performing wrap around functional testing of any 4G node. The comprehensive list of 4G test cases consists of negative tests as well. The feature files or test cases are mapped to ETSI 3GPP 23.401 specification. Verification of 4G procedures like S1 Set Up procedures, UE initiated and network initiated attach, emergency attach, UE initiated and network initiated detach, UE initiated and network initiated service requests, dedicated bearer setup, modification and release, Paging and Handover (both S1 and X2) procedures are provided using the 4G test cases. Each 4G test case can be used for both functional and load testing with customer specified load charateristics.