In this test case, ABot can simulate the gNodeB and UE and any other NFs of the 5G like PCF, AMF, gNB, SMF, UDM.

The prerequisites for this scenario are: i) NGAP Setup is done between gNodeB/AMF and ii) UE Completed an Initial Registration. UE is in cm-connected state.

Now, Location reporting procedure initiated between AMF and gNB with Report Type – to Report UE Presence in Area of Interest.


The procedures completed in this test case are-

  • NG Setup
  • Initial Registration with successfully 5G-AKA authentication procedure.
  • Location reporting between AMF and gNB.

This test case is as per 3GPP Spec: TS 23.502, TS 38.413 Rel-15.7

 Protocol Used  Nodes Involved  Interfaces Involved
Ngap, httpv2  ABot Emulated nodes: gNodeB, AUSF, UDM, AMF  N1/N2, N12, N13