ABot Test Cases

A list of canned test cases are provided as part of the ABot Test Solution. These test cases are mapped to 3GPP Specifications like 23.401, 23.501 and cover end-to-end 4G/5G/CIoT call flows which validate all the protocols and interfaces involved and perform compliance testing of the SUT. Validation of network elements can be done quickly, without any advanced protocol knowledge. The canned test cases provided with ABot have comprehensive protocol coverage and presents mobility KPIs and failure statistics for conclusive inference on the maturity of a network component. Wrap around testing by simulating peer network functions, multiprotocol testing and simulating load enables both conformance testing and performance benchmarking with ABot.

ABot Feature Files are written in Behavior Driven Development or BDD framework. This enables focusing on the acceptance criteria from the inception by defining how each feature of the application should behave from the end user’s perspective. These kind of Feature Files or test cases enable collaboration across all stake holders: – Customer, Dev & QA. In BDD, the Scenarios are created using DSL (Domain Specific Language) and the Code is written to support the target behaviour. This results into faster user acceptance cycles leading to faster deployments.